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About Us

Team ROTC's mission is to provide command-wide, specialized support in the functional areas of Military Science Instruction, Field Training—to include CST support—instructor and cadre training and related functions, and support programs for cadre and their families. Team ROTC places highly qualified contract cadre to assist the United States Army Cadet Command in their mission of recruiting, training, retaining, and commissioning the Army's future leaders at over 270 SROTC Battalions across the country. Team ROTC is comprised of two companies with Apextech being the prime contract holder and they are supported by partner company Armed Forces Services Corporation (AFSC). Team ROTC cadre provide support in the areas of Cadet Recruitment, Military Science Instruction, Retention and Training and Military Science Field Training as well as CST Support during the summer, in addition to providing support to a variety of Soldier and Family Support initiatives. We are currently placing ARNG/USAR/Retired/Separated (within last five years) Officers and NCOs into SROTC Battalions across the United States. Contracted positions include Senior Military Science Instructor (SMSI), Military Science Instructor (MSI) and Soldier Family Support Coordinator (SFSC) and we are looking for experienced professionals who want to mentor the future leaders of the Army. Click the below “Positon Requirements/Qualifications” tab below to see if you meet the requirements.

Application/Selection Process

  • Conduct a self-assessment to determine position eligibility by verifying requirements via below “Position Requirements/Qualifications” tab:
  • Click on the Current Openings tab and either view state by state via the map or click the link to view all current openings.
  • Apply thru the web site (quick application)
  • Scan and email the documents you will be prompted to submit back to the POC listed on the email you receive (Part II of your application & required in order to be considered for any vacancy)
  • Upon receipt of your Part II documents your packet will be vetted and uploaded into the Team ROTC Database for current/future vacancies. In addition your NACLC will be checked within JPAS with Cadet Command to ensure you meet contract requirements.
  • Throughout this process, you can contact the Recruiting Staff or the Area/BDE Managers to request consideration for any current or projected vacancies but only completed packets can will be considered.
  • Area/Brigade Manager interviews applicants/selects nominee.
  • The hiring team (Apextech or Armed Forces Services Corporation (AFSC) contacts the nominee for hiring action & drug testing setup. Nominee returns hiring letter and completes required on-boarding and reports for duty at agreed upon location.

Position Requirements/Qualifications

Senior Military Science Instructor (SMSI) shall have been a Commissioned Officer within the U.S. Army, Active Component, or former or current officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.

Military Science Instructor (MSI) shall have been a Non-Commissioned Officer within the U.S. Army, Active Component, or former or current NCO in the U.S. Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.

  • Contractor personnel shall meet the academic institution’s qualifications and requirements for instructor positions at that institution
  • Contractor personnel shall possess a thorough knowledge of the Army organizational structure, mission objectives, function, procedures, agency regulations, and policy pertaining to the Department of the Army.
  • Contractor personnel serving as instructors shall have knowledge and experience of military training and field training evaluation. Contractor personnel performing as instructors shall possess tactical and leadership skills gained from successful platoon or company commander or branch equivalent experience (applicants with referred or relief for cause efficiency reports are not acceptable.). Contractor personnel serving as instructors shall possess knowledge of basic Soldier skills, to include map reading, land navigation, marksmanship, drill and ceremonies, weapons experience with U.S. Army small arms. Contractor personnel shall possess knowledge of safety skills in the use of small arms, ammunition, and pyrotechnics.
  • Contractor personnel serving as instructors providing permanent support shall have a minimum of six year’s prior Active or Reserve Component military experience. Experience shall be current (within the last five years at time of initial assignment as a contractor instructor) and have terminated with an honorable discharge or retirement. Discharge cannot be the result of a show cause board. Employees of incumbent contractor are considered to be qualified for purposes of this section.
  • Contractor personnel serving as instructors providing temporary support shall have a minimum of four years (six years preferred) prior active or reserve military experience. Experience shall be current (within the last five years at time of initial assignment as a contractor instructor) and have terminated with an honorable discharge or retirement. Discharge cannot be the result of a show cause board.
  • Contractor personnel shall possess computer skills, to include operation of Microsoft word processing, spreadsheets, and graphics programs, performance of user maintenance, Microsoft Windows environments, and familiarity with e-mail and internet environment and operations
  • Contractor personnel serving as instructors shall be able to teach effectively in a classroom and field training setting, presenting both standardized instruction and creative workshops. Contractor personnel shall have demonstrated instructor ability in military field training exercises and be able to live/instruct in a field environment for extended periods during training exercises.

Soldier Family Services Coordinators (SFSC) shall possess a minimum of a four year degree from an accredited college or university in a social science field, business, communications, public administration, or a related field of study or four years of experience in a social science field. Contractor personnel shall have a minimum of one year experience working with military or civilian social service agencies, be knowledgeable of military protocol and be able to effectively interface and communicate with civilian and military personnel as well as family members at all levels. NOTE: SFSC positions are only located at HQ’s Cadet Command on Fort Knox, KY

POSTA Requirements

Contractor personnel performing as ROTC instructors are considered to be in positions of significant trust and authority (POSTA) and therefore subject to broadened background screening. Background checks for POSTA positions include local law enforcement checks, FBI fingerprint checks as well as a favorable PSI for the offenses listed below. The contractor shall coordinate the completion and submission of all required forms, fingerprints, and any other details necessary for the government to perform the background screening. Contractor personnel who have known disqualifying offenses shall not be permitted to work in a POSTA position. Due to the length of time it may take to complete the background checks, contractor personnel with no known disqualifying offenses are eligible to perform under this contract while the POSTA background checks are being processed. The following types of offenses shall be considered as disqualifying: -See below to conduct a self assessment to determine position eligibility:

Type I Offenses, Activities, or Situations:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic violence (as defined in AR 608-18, or Ref K) or a criminal offense involving a child or children
  • Pandering
  • Possession, distribution, receiving or viewing child pornography
  • Adultery
  • Incest
  • Prostitution
  • Bestiality
  • Stalking
  • Sexual activity with a subordinate or fraternization of a sexual nature
  • Illegal drug abuse, to include abuse of prescription medication and synthetic drugs
  • Any special or general court-martial conviction or any civilian criminal felony conviction in a Soldier's career (including sister services court-martial convictions)
  • Previous separation from any service for any Type I offense
  • Conduct in violation of Army's policy regarding participation in extremist organizations or activities
  • Any repeat offenders (or combination) of Type II offenses anytime during a Soldier's career

Type II Offenses, Activities, or Situations occurring within the past five years:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Larceny/theft/fraud/burglary
  • Previous separation from any military service based on any Type II offense.
  • Assault (of non-relative or domestic partner)
  • Any traffic violation resulting in six or more points being assessed and/or reckless driving
  • Any record of unfavorable information within the past 5 years